Importance of Period Windows

We often get asked....."isn't it better to replace with PVC?"  


Keeping your period property's original windows, and utilising our sash window draught proofing and restoration service, will not only stop the draughts and rattles associated with old sash windows, but will add value to your home, by retaining its original features, such as the old drawn glass, with all its imperfections, any original panneling, architraves and mouldings.

Windows are often overlooked as having an importance on how a building looks, but choose any street near by that has a selection of old property's, and compare the houses that have had PVC Windows installed, to the houses that still retain their original sash windows, and I'm sure you'll agree. 

So, before you decide to replace your sash windows, get in touch with us first to see what we can do.....