Preserve and draught proof your sash windows, saving your properties original features while updating thermal performance at the same time.

Below is an example of work we carried out on a listed building. Showing the process from start to finish....



A break down of our restoration service: 

- Sash's are carefully removed from the box frame

-Sash's are planed over both faces to remove build up of old paint where needed, enabling us to check the condition of the timber and the joints. Any remedial work is carried out on the sash's and two coats of paint is applied, one primer and one undercoat, ready for a final top coat finish.

- Box frames are checked over for decay, any rotten timber is removed and replaced. Loose paint is removed from the box frame and any imperfections or damage is repaired and filled with a two part epoxy resin filler. The Box frame then recieves two coats of paint, primer and undercoat.

-Sash weights are checked and adjusted accordingly, the sash cords are replaced, and the pulley wheels freed, and oiled.  

-The sash's and box frame are then re-assembled, Including the installation of a two part parting bead and new timber staff bead containing a foam rubber draught seal impervious to paint, mould and mildew.  

-New hardware is installed in a choice of finish (Brass or Chrome as standard, other finishes available upon request) including new sash fastners, and sash lifts. Extra security stops are available to further enhance the security of your windows. 

-Your sash windows are now draught proof and rattle free, restored to their former glory.