We have recently become aware of a problem with regards to quotations. When receiving a quote from ourselves and from one of our competitors please insure that the quote is 'like' for 'like'.

We have been called back to two jobs this week where customers have been left with rotten windows and unsightly paintwork from a draught proofing company. Some quotations from our competitors, don't allow for the scope of work that we are quoting for, and is a basic draught proofing service.

Our standard service includes;

-Full restoration of the box frame and the sashes

-Replacing any defective or rotten timbers

-Replacing broken panes of glass and any loose or unsightly putty and paint on the glass surface

-New sash cords, pulley wheels serviced and weights checked

-Installation of our two part parting bead, and new staff beads, incorporating our draught seals. These seals are impervious to the build up of dirt and mould, and do not flatten over time like brush pile

-All surface areas are subject to two coats of microporous paint, a primer and undercoat, including the rebates and mouldings of the sashes and the whole of the box frame. Ready for a final topcoat.

-New furniture including, sash fasteners, and sash lifts. Security stops and sash eyes.

-Any loose external seal (mastic or sand and cement) is removed and replaced.

We are very thorough in our work, and take pride in the finished look of the windows we renovate. We would never promise to complete two or three windows a day with the amount of work involved. Please bear this in mind if receiving other quotations